Business studies is an engaging and informative subject area and will be delivered through a variety interactive and student-centered delivery methods. This course is to be delivered in English as an elective across all MoE schools.  Learners will embark on a journey of discovering the key concepts in the world of business and link their theory and knowledge to the real world. Business is a fundamental part of the UAE and the aim header 3of this course will be to open the minds of learners to allow them to understand and appreciate the fundamentals of business. From understanding the humble beginnings of bartering in the desert to the factors which have lead to the creation of the UAE tourism industry and iconic buildings such as the Burj Khalifa, learners will understand the role business has played in making the UAE what it is today.

Developing the learners’ understanding in business will result in the them acquiring and developing a range of other skills. With interactive teaching methods learners will embrace life skills such as time management, team work and effective communication. Learners’ English ability will also be developed as well as their ability to logically articulate their thoughts, answer questions and demonstrate their ability. Through exploration of the development of business and the understanding of some of the key concepts, learners will see how the business world operates and how it has changed.

For any aspiring Entrepreneurs, the course will follow the journey from starting a business, with the inception of an idea  to finally marketing and actually running a business. In order to prepare learners for post high school, the course will also guide them on their career options, how to create a CV and prepare them for interviews and assessments; activities they will undoubtedly have to undertake in pursuit of their working or academic progression.



  • Grade 10-12 (15-17 year olds)
  • Term 1 (10 weeks)  – Business entrepreneurship
  • Term 2 (10 weeks)  – Starting up a business
  • Term 3 (10 weeks)  – Running a successful business

Engagement time

2 hours per week

Key domains:-

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Business Activity
  • Operations Management
  • People in Business