If you are coming from outside the UAE, living and working outside of your own country can be a challenge, but it is also a wonderful experience and an opportunity to learn about new cultures and places.  The following information is UAE Mapdesigned to help those coming from overseas prior to their arrival in the UAE. It is highly recommended, however, that research into living and working in the Emirates is undertaken.  There are lots of websites and blogs with a plethora of information.

Once you have received your offer, signed your contract and returned all the paperwork to your Agent the processing of your entry visa begins. The time this takes varies and is out of our hands.  Please be patient, if you don’t hear anything it’s because we are still waiting for the visa to be issued.

Research into living costs is recommended.  The Emirates are not cheap places to live, though costs do vary from place to place.  Ensure you have access to enough funds to sustain yourself until you receive your first pay.  Living costs may be higher than you envisaged and you may have to stay in a hotel until all your documents are processed and you have found a place to live.

Research areas in all the northern Emirates (all Emirates other than Abu Dhabi) as placements are not given until arrival in the UAE.

Bring at least 5 colour photocopies of the picture page of your passport.  These may be needed during the period your I.D. is being processed.

Ensure you bring suitable work attire.  HERE are the dress code requirements.

Driver’s License

Please bring your full driving license as you will need this to obtain an UAE license. In many places public transport is limited or not available. Initially you may need to use taxis or share lifts to get to your workplace.

There are many places to hire / buy cars and your colleagues in your area will advise you. Obviously if you do not drive, you can choose to continuously use taxis to get to work and this often works out similar to the cost of car hire and petrol. 

We take location preferences into consideration as much as possible, however the final decision is also based on the location of vacancies and matching a teacher’s skill-set with the needs of a school. We are unfortunately not able to place people in schools based on their own personal transport needs.

Certificate notarisation and attestation

Before you mobilise for the UAE ensure you get your highest qualification certificate, transcript and high school certificates notarised and attested.  This should be done in your own country.  Contact a Public Notary, who may also arrange the attestation of your certificate(s), but you can do this yourself. Once you’ve had your document(s) notarised contact the UAE Embassy in your country about attestation.

Within one year of arriving in the UAE you must get equivalency for your certificate(s) through the Ministry of Higher Education.  The requirements differ depending on where your qualifications were awarded.  For more information visit: .


If you are bringing your children with you please make the necessary arrangements for their care before arriving.  The induction starts on arrival in the country and there is no provision for childcare in the training venues.


The hotels the Ministry use do not allow pets in the rooms.  Therefore, you are strongly advised not to bring pets with you, and make the necessary arrangements to bring them over when you have your own place (check with the landlord that pets are allowed) or there are companies that will organise their transportation and boarding while you get settled.

Other information

There’s lots of information in the link below, however, this is intended as a reference only and the Ministry of Education is not responsible for any errors or omissions contained therein.