Day One

You will be picked up at your hotel by our PRO (Public Relations Officer) who will take you for your Business photomedical and to begin your visa process.  Take with you all your documentation, including your passport and the original of your entry visa.  You will also need the cash to pay for your Emirates I.D. 370AED.  It will save a lot of time if you have this exact amount with you.  ATMs are plentiful throughout the UAE, and there will be one in your hotel.

Please expect an early start and a long day.  There will be lots of waiting around and travelling on buses. This is unavoidable, unfortunately, but be patient this is an important process and you are in good hands.

When all this is complete you will be transferred to a hotel near the Ministry in Dubai, where you will spend one night.

Day Two

The next day you will have an induction with the HR Department at the Ministry of Education.  This will involve:

  • an overview of your employment rights and responsibilities
  • the signing of your original contract and other paperwork
  • opening a bank account (there will be a number of representatives from different banks for you to speak to)

Again, bring all your documentation with you.   

There will also be representatives from the Learning and Development Unit to provide you with details of your school, contact details and answer any questions.

You will then be transferred to a hotel in the location of your school.  Again this could be a long day, so please be patient.

Days Three to Five

You will be taken daily to the Teacher Training Institute in Ajman, where you will receive an induction from the Learning and Development Unit.

Bring your passport with you. On day three your passport will be taken from you so that your residency visa can be put in it and your Emirates I.D. can be issued.  Your passport will be returned to you by Thursday of the following week.  You must have a UAE phone number so that you can be contacted to arrange the return of your passport.

The induction will include:

  • background on living in, and the culture of the UAE
  • protocols for working in schools
  • overview of the curriculum you will be teaching
  • issuance of your I.T. equipment
  • setting up emails and accessing internal systems
  • meeting the Specialist or Co-ordinator for your area

Transport will be provided for you.  Please be in the hotel lobby at the time specified, the driver cannot wait for you.  If you do not take the transport provided for you, it is your responsibility to get to the Teacher Training Institute.  If you are going to be late, please let us know.  You will be given contact numbers.