How long will my visa take?
A specific timescale cannot be given on how long it takes for your visa to be processed.  10 – 12 weeks from initial offer to arriving is what we aim for.  Please be advised that this can take longer. Unfortunately this is out of our control and we can only recommend being patient.   We would advise that you keep in regular contact with your agency for updates.

Do I need to bring money and credit cards?
Yes. It is advisable to bring cash, around $2000, and a working credit card. Salary is usually credited to your account on the last working day of the month, if not earlier. If you arrive after payroll has closed, you will be paid the following month. This means you could be waiting around 6 weeks for your first salary. Most banks will give you a credit card within 10 days of opening your account with them.

Will I be picked up from the airport?
Yes, you will be picked up from the airport and taken to your hotel in Abu Dhabi. You will be transported to your new hotel, in Dubai, after completing your medical and visa application in Abu Dhabi. After your HR induction in Dubai, you will be taken to a hotel close to your work location. During induction week, you will be transported to and from the Ajman Teacher Training Institute.

Do we have to pay for our hotel when we arrive?
If you are an overseas candidate you will have 13 nights in a hotel paid for by the MoE. This will give you ample time to find accommodation.  If you are a local hire then accommodation is not supplied unless you are here on a visitor’s visa.

Will I get help finding accommodation?
Finding accommodation is your own responsibility.   If you are an overseas candidate you will receive 13 nights accommodation, paid for by the Ministry of Education. As you will spend most of this time in the Emirate in which you will be working, you will have plenty of time to find somewhere suitable.  Many teachers live in hotel suites as this keeps down initial financial layout, and the rent includes utility bills.

We endeavour to supply you with a good support system.  You will have a mentor, who lives in your area, to help you.  Also your Sector Specialist and Lead Teacher (LT), as well as other teachers, may be able to guide you too.

How much is accommodation?
Accommodation prices vary from Emirate to Emirate, and is dependant on the size and location.  Dubai is the most expensive, and in comparison, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah are much more economical. We would recommend that you research all Emirates.

Can I rent/buy/drive a car straight away?
You cannot rent/buy/drive a car in the UAE until you have your Emirates driving license. You are not here on a tourist visa but do not have your work visa yet. You need your visa page in your passport and Emirates ID to transfer your licence.  It is illegal to drive without an Emirates license.  We would recommend that you do some research on the rules of the road in the UAE.

Do I need to have my certificates attested in my home country, or can I do them in the UAE?
It would be advisable to have the necessary notarisation, legalisation and attestation carried out before you arrive in the UAE.  If you do not you will have to send your documents back to your home country. This will be take time and could be costly. Equivalency also needs to be completed, but this is done at the MoE offices in Dubai.  You will receive more information on this during HR induction.

When can I open a bank account?
During HR induction a number of banks will have representatives will be present order for you to choose the best account for you. If you already have a bank account in the UAE you must supply HR with a letter from the bank showing your IBAN and account number, your name and the bank’s details. A screenshot with this information will suffice.

Will locations be given before or upon arrival and will I get my chosen location?
Locations can only be given upon arrival.  We endeavour to place teachers in their preferred Emirate but it is not always possible. You must be prepared for being placed in any location in the northern Emirates (all Emirates except Abu Dhabi).  We would recommend researching accommodation and facilities in all 6 northern Emirate.

What is the dress code?
The dress code can be found on the following link:

Do we have to use our own laptops or are we given one?
You will receive a laptop, as well as training on setting it up and accessing necessary material during induction.

Is Professional Development provided by the MoE?
Yes.  The MoE take professional development very seriously.  Within the MoE there is a Learning Development Unit (LDU) who work closely with curriculum and assessment leads to develop a high quality training.  Professional Development sessions are held once a week and there is a week of training at the beginning of each term before teaching resumes.

Do we go straight to our school when we arrive?
No. You will spend the first day after arrival in Abu Dhabi for your medical and to complete necessary paperwork. The next day will be HR induction at the Ministry of Education in Dubai. The following 3 days will be spent on induction training at Ajman Teacher Training Institute.

Is there a syllabus available for me to look at before I arrive?
The syllabus, for each subject, is not available online until you arrive. Once you arrive you will be given access to an MoE site where you can easily find the student work book, teacher’s guide, lesson plans and resources.   You can find a brief account of your subject under the ‘Our Work’ tab.  All subject curriculums have been designed specifically for UAE MoE schools.

What are the class sizes?
Class sizes can be as large as 34. City schools tend to have higher numbers. Bedouin/desert schools tend to have lower numbers, sometimes as low as 7.

How many lessons are there and how much planning time do I get?
Most schools have 7 x 45 minute lessons per day, some have 8 x 40 minute lessons per day.  You will be expected to teach 24 lessons per week.  This gives you plenty of planning, preparation and assessment time.

Will I have to set my own work?
All subjects have a curriculum specific to the UAE.  You will have access to the student work books, teacher’s guide, lesson plans and resources.

What time does the working day start and finish?
Boys: 7.15am – 2.15                 Girls: 8am – 3pm

Timings may differ slightly from school to school.  You will receive exact timings for your school during Induction week.

What is a ‘Cycle’?
Cycle 1 is Grade 1 – 5. Cycle 2 is Grade 6 – 8. Cycle 3 is Grade 9 – 12.  The MoE EMI department currently have teachers in all Cycle 3 schools, and rising numbers in Cycle 2, Cycle 1 and Kindergarten.

Since September 2016, the MoE EMI department have had teachers of Maths, English, Science and DT in Cycle 2 on the Accelerated Science Program (ASP).

What is a ‘Sector’?
For operational purposes the EMI Department has broken the Northern Emirates into 5 Sectors.

Sector A – Dubai
Sector B – Sharjah and Ajman
Sector C – Umm Al Quwain and Ras Al Khaimah
Sector D – Dibba, Khor Fakkan and Fujairah (north)
Sector E – Fujairah and Hatta

Can I bring my pets with me?
If you intend to bring a pet with you, you must research the laws on transporting an animal into the UAE.

The hotels used by the MoE do not allow pets.  If you arrive with your pet you will have to find your own accommodation at your own cost.


  • Research cost of living across the UAE.
  • Research UAE laws, especially with regards to driving and behaviour in public.
  • Research UAE culture and traditions.
  • Research accommodation in all areas of the UAE.
  • Bring enough cash and a working credit card to last until you get paid.
  • On arrival at the airport you must purchase a UAE SIM card for your phone.  You cannot open a bank account without one. You also need an Emirates phone number in order for your passport to be returned to you.